SSLA is the South Sound Leather Alliance

The South Sound Leather Alliance is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for members of the region's leather, fetish, kink and motorcycling communities. Our mission is to serve our community through educational classes, workshops, social gatherings, discussion groups, and community outreach/support. 

We are a diverse group of Leather folk united by our common involvement in the Leather lifestyle. Our purpose is to create a community that advocates for the freedom of expression for all members of the Leather community, and to explore the wide range of what it means to be Leather. We seek to facilitate community members in safely learning, growing, connecting, honoring and enjoying each other.

We do this in a way that honors the traditions of leather, which have at their core: integrity, honor, respect, and service to community, while still affirming of the individual’s right for self-expression as a Leatherperson. To accomplish this, we sponsor social and educational events for the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise so we can also mentor those eager to learn and share in the leather lifestyle and to help them learn to integrate it into their own lives.

We also work to educate the larger community about the various aspects of the Leather lifestyle and advocate for freedom of sexual expression through consensual and safe BDSM.

A letter from the president of the SSLA

First I would like to thank the men and women who have helped me come to the conclusion that having a South Sound Leather Alliance is not only a good idea but something that will benefit the Kink community as a whole. My first gut reaction was that the community here in the South Sound was not really about leather, I questioned where does that leave me, as a Leatherman? I know I am part of this amazing community, so how do I fit in? After talking with some of the Leather folk both new and 'elder', I realized that Leather is what the BDSM community is based on, and though all of my friends do not identify as Leather, they do identify with the concepts and principles around the lifestyle. So with that goes the desire for us to have the SSLA and build an alliance around these common interests. Creating a munch and events based on the education and community building fits into what Leather is about. I personally see the SSLA as a way for the Leather folk in the area to reach out to all kinky people and create a long lasting bond of friendship, and expand on those already made. Please join us in what I see as a fun filled summer and future.

In service

Michael 'Odie' Heaston - SSLA president and founding member